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Rongai Route: A Swift Ascent to Kilimanjaro's Summit in 6 Days


For those with a time-constrained adventure in mind, the 6-day Rongai Route is a stellar choice. This route offers an optimal acclimatization profile, gradually exposing climbers to higher elevations. However, it's important to note that the Rongai Route demands a good level of fitness due to its challenging elevation gains and losses.


Day 1: Rongai Gate to Simba Camp

  • Elevation (ft): 6,398 ft to 8,530 ft

  • Distance: 5.6 miles / 9 km

  • Hiking Time: 3-4 hours

  • Habitat: Rain Forest

Embark on your Kilimanjaro adventure at Rongai Gate. The trail takes you through the captivating rainforest, providing a gentle introduction to the wonders of Kilimanjaro. Arrive at Simba Camp, situated at 8,530 feet, for a well-deserved rest.


Day 2: Simba Camp to Kikelelwa Camp

  • Elevation (ft): 8,530 ft to 11,811 ft

  • Distance: 6.2 miles / 10 km

  • Hiking Time: 6-7 hours

  • Habitat: Moorland

Continue your ascent, leaving the rainforest behind and entering the picturesque moorland. The trail offers evolving scenery as you make your way to Kikelelwa Camp, located at 11,811 feet.


Day 3: Kikelelwa Camp to Mawenzi Tarn Hut

  • Elevation (ft): 11,811 ft to 14,160 ft

  • Distance: 4.3 miles / 7 km

  • Hiking Time: 3-4 hours

  • Habitat: Alpine Desert

Embark on an acclimatization hike, gaining altitude while reveling in the panoramic views of Mawenzi Peak. Reach the awe-inspiring Mawenzi Tarn Hut, nestled at an elevation of 14,160 feet.


Day 4: Mawenzi Tarn Hut to Kibo Hut

  • Elevation (ft): 14,160 ft to 15,430 ft

  • Distance: 4.3 miles / 7 km

  • Hiking Time: 4-5 hours

  • Habitat: Alpine Desert

Continue your journey towards Kibo Hut, situated at the base of the imposing Kibo crater wall. As you approach Kibo Hut, take a moment to absorb the awe-inspiring landscapes.

Day 5: Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak to Horombo Hut

  • Summit Elevation (ft): 19,341 ft

  • Descent to Horombo Hut (ft): 12,205 ft

  • Distance to Summit: 5.6 miles / 9 km ascent

  • Distance to Horombo Hut: 10.6 miles / 17 km descent

  • Summit Hiking Time: 7-8 hours

  • Descent Hiking Time: 4-7 hours

  • Habitat: Arctic, Heathland

Commence the final ascent to Uhuru Peak, beginning in the early hours. Witness a breathtaking sunrise (weather permitting) from this unparalleled vantage point. Descend to Horombo Hut, culminating an unforgettable Kilimanjaro adventure.

Day 6: Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate

  • Elevation Loss: 12,205 ft to 5,380 ft

  • Distance: 12.6 miles / 20.2 km

  • Hiking Time: 5-7 hours

  • Habitat: Rain Forest

Embark on the final leg of your Kilimanjaro journey, descending through the lush rainforest to Marangu Gate. Reflect on the remarkable achievement of summiting Africa's highest peak as you traverse this enchanting terrain. Collect your summit certificates at the park headquarters before heading back to your hotel in Moshi.

Image by Crispin Jones


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What is not included

  • International airfares and departure taxes

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  • Tips for guides, porters, and cook

  • (Tipping guide: 10-20$US for Porter, 15-25$US for Cook, 20-30$US for Guide, per day and per group) Please expect 15% -20% Tipping

Embark on this extraordinary journey and conquer Kilimanjaro via the RONGAI Route, a true testament to human endurance and the awe-inspiring power of nature.

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